orbital for norns

orbital is an experiment in simple sequences and interface design

it was created to learn lua scripting for norns

it is very much a work in progress

it is designed for PolyPerc, but try Haven it sounds immense

new engines for the final version will be released

you can download the latest version here: https://github.com/P1505/orbital

controls etc: — btn 2 randomises sequence — enc 2 changes pitch — btn 3 starts/stops sequence — enc 3 changes BPM

for anyone interested here are some in progress images. the basics were done in 5 minutes, drawing on this thing is simple. the trig was also really simple until it had to move and then the 20 minute build to date was dwarfed by days of trying everything over and over before I realised the beatclock wasn’t working as I thought it was (my own fault) so I used a metro instead.

advice to new norns devs, look at the utils file.